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Our Consumer Lists provides precise and affordable leads that are constantly updated to provide you the most accurate and effective data available. Our consumer lists will help you increase your customer base therefore increasing your sales. We have OVER 150 MILLION CONSUMER RECORDS AVAILABLE WITH EMAIL. Choose from nationwide bulk consumer lists or create a custom targeted consumer list.

Get the most for your money. Our high quality opt-in consumer leads are effective and fresh. phpInboxMailer is committed to providing high quality leads to help effectively grow your business.

Create a Custom Consumer list. Choose an exact location or radius around a certain city, state, zip, or area code. Select age range and/or gender. You can also target by specialty interests like online shoppers, payday loan leads, college students, mortgage refinance, investors, lotto leads, groupon leads, business opp seekers, homeowners, finance, and many more.

phpInboxMailer Makes Consumer Lists Easy

Consumers are a fickle bunch of people and that’s why consumer lists are so notoriously hard to build and maintain – because you constantly need to refresh them with new people as the old people leave.

Business Owners Waste Time Building Consumer Lists

This simple fact means that most business owners spend more time building their consumer lists than they do on almost any other aspect of running their companies. However, it doesn’t have to be such a chore. It’s entirely possible to get quality consumer lists, including email, full mailing address, and phone numbers without the need to build one on your own.

Consumer Lists Are Not All Created Equal

In a world where the CAN SPAM act and the Do Not Call list have made it all the harder for marketers to reach out to interested consumers, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to put together quality consumer lists, however that’s exactly what we’ve done. Our consumer lists are 100% compliant with all relevant laws, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling the products that you sell rather than getting your foot in the door to begin with.

Fresh Leads

Another issue with consumer lists is that they need to be constantly refreshed and pruned. You can’t simply take a list of consumers from five years ago and expect it to have current information. People move, people die, and people ask to be removed from lists.

This means that creating and maintaining consumer lists quickly becomes an all consuming job for the average entrepreneur. Fortunately however, since we’ve been doing this for years, we know how to streamline the process and ensure that our lists are always kept fresh and up to date. This means fewer complaints and more importantly, more sales for you.

Targeted to Interests and Geography

Our consumer lists can also be ordered according to specific geographical areas (Want to sell only to the Midwest? We can help you with that) and interests. This means that you aren’t marketing AARP insurance products to college freshman and you’re not offering gay vacation packages in Ibiza to Christian fundamentalists. We can also accommodate those interested in consumer lists targeting customers in Canada and Great Britain, meaning that you needn’t limit yourself only to the United States.

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