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Read what our Happy customers have to say about our services.  If you are one of them and want to have your Testimonial featured then please contact us, we will be glad to feature your testimonial.  PAGE UPDATED FEB 2020.

Finally an African friendly Email marketing site.  My life is complete with tools from PIM India.

John Damond

John DamondPrivate Marketer From Lagos

Just bought the unlimited PHP Mailer and Africa friendly hosting after a friend recommended me to this site, look out for this space for some positive feedback.

Nguemo Odidika

Nguemo OdidikaIkeja Nigeria

Thank you for the job well done.  I hired these guys to send our mail to upto a million customers list, am just surprised by the replies I have bad in my email box.  Results are amazing.  Already hired them again to send another batch of emails for me.  Format sending at its best.

Kelvin Obinna

Kelvin ObinnaMarketing - Customer From Nigeria

If you are into email marketing then look no further.  PIM India has you covered.  Email Lists, sending tools, hosting, they have it all.  I can vouch for the services after personally dealing with them for over 3-4 months now.

Douglas Astima

Douglas AstimaMarketing Director - Private Marketer From Lagos

Longtime bulk mailer, am blown away with PHP Inbox Mailer services.

Cosmos Destiny

Cosmos DestinyEmail Marketer - Accra Ghana

The most feature rich and user friedly bulk mailer out there.  Super fast and robust.  If you buy it you wont regret it.  Great customer support as well.

Femi Olaoluwa

Femi OlaoluwaEmail Marketer - Ghana Marketing Services

I am always in need of phishing friendly hosting and good mailers, found them both here, am grateful to my friend who introduced me to PHP Inbox Mailer site.  Made my work a LOT easier.

Chief Ameichi

Chief AmeichiLagos Hacker

Bought email list and smtp last night, sent a couple of hundred thousand emails last night.  Am already seeing replies, more replies than I can handle this morning.

Innocent Nweke

Innocent NwekeMarketing Guru - Private Email Marketer From Lagos

We have tried like 10-12 different sellers on the internet and even locally, I am glad I finally found this seller on a friends recommendation.  Finally, a tool that I can rely on to send large number of emails without any restrictions from Nigeria.  Thanks PHP Inbox Mailer.

Bsco Ogala

Bsco OgalaEmail Marketer From Lagos

Looking for Phishing friendly cPanel Hosting, look no more.  Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

Bullet Proof Hosting Customer

Bullet Proof Hosting CustomerFrom Ikeja

Just bought unlimited smtp from PHP Inbox Mailer, been a few days am using it, so far so good.  On point inbox delivery.

Ayomide Attah

Ayomide AttahEmail Marketer From Abuja

Was a bit apprehenisve at first, but once I started using their PHP Mailer I am hooked.  90-95% of my emails are delivered to inbox, giving me a trememdous amount of replies and business.  Its like 8 months now, and I am hooked.

Austine Nkem

Austine NkemEmail Marketer From Lagos

I am thrilled with the results I get using your services for my business. I would recommend your email marketing to anyone! Thanks for the great service!

Jenn Devine

Jenn DevineCEO - Devine Consulting LLC

WOW WOW WOW …. Need I say more.  See you on the other side.

Ode Peter

Ode PeterNigeria Hacker

Buy at your own RISK, you guys will be hooked to this company if you are into bulk mailing.  Customer for life 🙂

Viktor David

Viktor DavidPartner - Ethical Hacker Nigeria

If you are looking for a great email marketing service, PIM India is at the top. This service has everything that you’ll need to target your audience, create a compelling email, monitor results and boost your sales.

George Bennet

George BennetChief Marketer - London, United Kingdom

Very responsive Crypto Email list.  Back for more already 🙂

Manish Parmar

Manish ParmarCrypto Investor - India

I’ve tried other services for my email marketing campaigns, but none of them were able to deliver the powerful features and detailed reports of PIM India Email. And the pricing? I can’t believe all these tools are available at such an affordable price. You can have the other services, I’m sticking with PIM India

Diane Feen

Diane FeenMarketing Director - Hat Life USA

The mailer functions are easy to use and allow me to communicate with my members in a clear, concise and professional manner.

Daniel Veliz

Daniel VelizGermany Custom Fabrication

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using PHP Inbox Mailer for a few months now and am completely satisfied with your service! It’s very user friendly and my email campaigns have been very successful. I compared so many email marketing sites and finally selected Benchmark. I’m glad I did! Thanks.  Best part is that they have no restrictions on what I send.


SyeCEO - Nigeria Email Marketing

Our company has been using PHP Inbox Mailer for over 2 years to send 2-3 emails per week to different segments of our customer base ranging from 100,000 to over 500,000 recipients per blast.

We found that over the years, PHP Inbox Mailer has provided the features we need to create effective email marketing campaigns. They have also kept up with the times by improving their user interface, testing tools, templates and responsive designs.  Its one of the best I have tried, and can vouch for the INBOX DELIVERY.

We find the interface friendly and the analytics and the reporting very useful and easy to understand

Mark W. Kennesaw

Mark W. KennesawMarketing Director - Heidelberg USA

I’ve been using PIM India for the last few months and am thinking that your service would be more robust. I like the idea of being able to send images and attachments!

Shannon Miller

Shannon MillerSEO Consultant - New York SEO

I just want to say you have a great product. I think it’s been 2-3 years at least that we’ve been using PIM India for client emails. Your product is top notch, especially with your recent improvements. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

Adnan Palmer

Adnan PalmerMarketing CEO - Dubai Social Marketing Services

PHP Inbox Mailer has been a marketing relief. It’s very user-friendly, has many options and templates to choose from and the customer service has always been superior. We recommend this for any size business and non-profit for their marketing toolkit.

Eric D

Eric DMarketing - Lansing Community College Foundation

I am a recent customer of PIM India email and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I think your customer service is exceptional! Not only do you offer great services, but the help that I have received in creating my newsletter has been greatly appreciated.

Eddy Murias

Eddy MuriasCEO - Murias & Consultants, Corp, Canada

I really love your product. The best part about my campaign is being able to look at the reports. It’s great to be able to see how many people have read the newsletter, who they are, what links they clicked on and how many apparently never opened the newsletter.

Dan Carawan

Dan CarawanMarketing - US Marketing Tools